2022: CHM 40616/90616—Solid State and Materials Chemistry
2021: CHM 40616/90616—Solid State and Materials Chemistry

2022: Teaching relief


TRiO Talent Search Summer Academy (July 2022)
The Jaffe Group loved putting together a hands-on lab activity for ND TRiO Talen Search Summer Academy, a college access program that provides academic, career, and financial counseling to South Bend youth in grades seven through twelve—empowering them to graduate from high school and continue on to complete post-secondary education. The students got to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity!

Science Alive! (May 2022)
The Jaffe Group had a blast demonstrating the pH indicator properties of anthocyanin from red cabbage and how atoms/molecules pack in the solid state to form crystals! The 30th anniversary of Science Alive! brought St. Joseph County learners of all ages to see some awesome and fun STEM demonstrations.