Adios Ay-Pad

As we bid adieu to the iPads I reflect on what the device did to contribute to my overall learning experience. But besides that what I thought most about was the convenience of having a tablet device as a college student. That is why I would like to urge that colleges and universities push for a more portable-based technological student body.

As we have seen throughout the class, the “age of Twitteracy” is something we are living in the now. With news stories constantly being published, the sense of constant news coverage has reached levels unlike before the radio or television. With the internet in our cell phones and at our fingertips there is a constant checking and rechecking of the latest and hottest stories whether they be of politics or of someone making their relationship “Facebook official.” But what sets the tablet device apart are the capabilities that a cell phone just does not have. For example, the organization it allows. Apart from having a calendar in your phone there is no real way to organize yourself in terms of time. Sure there’s an app for something of that nature like maps, but that’s really it. Compared to the iPad there’s anything from making notes on pdf files (a “green” initiative), putting all homework assignments due dates and the ability to them on the tablet itself, download/buy books for class which also saves time and paper, and many other capabilities.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m making an excuse for the university to buy me an iPad because I don’t have the money. However, the iPad and other tablet devices bring about a new set of rules to the connected world. The capabilities are beyond what I expected, but just what I needed in terms of having what I needed as a student. I just hope that I could afford it sometime soon.

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