Semester Schedule

Comparative Politics Workshop Schedule

February 8, 2019 –  Paul Friesen
“The Logic of Group Voting: A Global Examination of Social Identities in Electoral Institutions”

February 15, 2019  – Luiz Vilaca
“Looking Beyond Capacities: Why Some Anti-Corruption Institutions Succeed and Others Fail”

February 22, 2019  – M. Tahir Kilavuz
“The Limits of Gender Equality in the MENA: Experimental Evidence on Inheritance Laws”

March 1, 2019  – Shana Scogin
“Women Participation under Conditions of Male Out-Migration: The 2015 Nepali Earthquakes”
Rob Mowry
“Tale of Two Post-Earthquake Cities: Political Culture as a Determinant of Resilience”

March 22, 2019 – Jake Turner
“Authoritarians and Guerrillas: Partners in Post-War Polarization”

April 12, 2019 – Natán Skigin
“Explaining Primaries: Intraparty Conflict and Diffusion in Candidate Selection”


Schedule as of January 23, 2018