Semester Schedule

Fall 2019

September 6th, 3:30pm, Hesburgh Center Conference Room #234
Luis L. Schenoni, Ph.D. Student and Kellogg Doctoral Affiliate
Title: “War and State Formation in Nineteenth Century Europe and Latin America: A Comparative History.”  

September 27th, 3:00pm, location TBD
Debra Javeline, Shana Scogin, Kimberly Peh, and Angela Chesler
Title: “Is Democracy the Answer to Intractable Climate Change?

October 4th, 3:00pm, location TBD
Tomas Gold, Ph.D. Student and Kellogg Fellow
Title: “Right-Wing Mobilization in Latin America (2012-2016): Shifting Party Linkages and Organizational Repertoires” 

October 11th, 3:00pm, location TBD
Michael Hoffman and Hannah Early Bagdanov
Title: “Defensive Minoritarianism: Support for Democracy Among Lebanese Christians”

November 22nd, 3:00pm, location TBD
Josephine Lechartre, Ph.D. Student and Kellogg Doctoral Affiliate
Title: TBD