Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes for MyMedia Academy are drawn from educational standards for visual and media literacy, including those forwarded by the National Council of Teachers of English, the Center for Media Literacy, and the Indiana Academic Standards for Visual Arts. By the end of the one-week camp experience, students of MyMedia Academy will be able to:

Analyze and interpret several types of media texts and identify key messages communicated by those works.

  • Describe sensory, formal, technical, and expressive properties in a variety of media texts using appropriate terminology
  • Discuss possible meanings in media texts based on personal response and properties in the works

Identify the key rhetorical features (including context, audience, and constraints) that define specific media texts.

  • Identify the intended audiences of media works
  • Discuss the rhetorical choices composers make to invite specific responses from audiences.
  • Discuss strengths and limitations of several types of media for communicating messages.

Produce several kinds of media to communicate clear messages.

  • Create and manage a blog
  • Produce a sound file
  • Produce an infographic or digital poster
  • Design a T-shirt
  • Produce a video

Utilize process-based composition skills in a variety of composing contexts

  • Produce a variety of pre-writing and scaffolding texts, including freewriting journals, storyboards, outlines, and scripts
  • Write reflective journal entries on the process of producing media
  • Provide peer feedback on works-in-progress
  • Make revisions based on feedback.

Reflect thoughtfully on their personal attitudes toward and experiences with media.

  • Produce works that reflect their personal experiences and attitudes
  • Engage in reflective journaling activities to examine their personal experiences with media

Work collaboratively to produce a single, unified media text.

  • Collaboratively plan and produce a video
  • Reflect on their individual contributions and how the collaborative process shaped the finished product.