What is MyMedia Academy?

“A place where you can do a lot of amazing things and you have lots of fun. It’s something new and I think more kids should do it. – Sha-Nia, camper”


MyMedia Academy is a week long day camp that is designed for middle schoolers to develop some key media literacies including functional, rhetorical, and critical media literacies.  The camp is an opportunity to provide a fun and supportive environment where students can explore the creative possibilities in their lives.  This allows students to be more critical about the media they consume.  We see MyMedia Academy as a way to help cultivate modes of communication and multi-model literacies in the 21st century. Held on the University of Notre Dame campus, the camp draws together the strengths of the Notre Dame University Writing Program, campus partners, and local media professionals. For additional information, contact Director Erin McLaughlin



Sponsored by a grant from Stanley A. & Flora P. Clark Memorial Community Trust Foundation
(managed by Wells Fargo