Public Service Announcements

The collaboratively produced 3 minute video introduced by Erin McLaughlin, was to make a collective statement about the significance of a specific media genre, technology, practice and trend to today’s youth. It was presented in the form of a Public Service Announcement.  Denise Massa and Randy Harrison, held a lesson on scripting, storyboarding and the different types of shots to capture video. A visit to the One Button Studio in the Hesburgh Library, allowed the campers to create a brief script in front of the green screen and record their video introduction.  Campers also wrote their own scripts, created storyboards, included sound and captured original footage around campus on their iPads and worked in WeVideo.

Laurie McGowan discussed the basics of project management when working in a team setting. Deb Forteza and Jonathan Fortune joined the instructors and assisted the groups during the process.  The videos were featured on the big screen in a private showcase for campers, families and instructors at Browning Cinema in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at Notre Dame.