Dec 17

Seminar notes: Is Hydrodynamics Relevant to the Origin of Life?

We are attending at least 8 seminars for every semester. Here is a short summary of the most interesting one!

This was an interesting talk mostly focused on the bubbles formed in ocean and relating those
with the origin of life. The speaker mentioned the mechanical forces created by waves in
ocean and pointed out that his group is solving a kind of hydrodynamics problem in a tube.
This tube can be any organic material can be found in ocean. They chose DNA nanotubes
because these are easy to obtain in lab. Then, they studied hydrodynamic shear on bursting
bubbles after breaking of the waves. His group measured and calculated shear and flow rate
inside DNA nanotubes in bubble foams and they found due to the high flow rates inside these
tubes, elongation of the tubes can cause fragmentation which can drive the production of new

Speaker: Rizal HariadiĀ 

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