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  2. Something new — June 1, 2019
  3. Seminar notes: Bubble Puzzles — May 20, 2019
  4. Art of thermal radiation — May 12, 2019
  5. The impact of transition metal catalysts on macroscopic dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) characteristics in an ammonia synthesis plasma catalysis reactor — April 13, 2019

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Jun 23

Plasma meets with Kapton surface

Dielectric barrier discharges are a type of AC plasmas aiming to limit current in time to prevent spark formation. The dielectric layer holds charges, instead of letting them flow as in conductive materials. The constant exposure to plasma species causes wear/deformation on the surface. Here I show an example of Kapton layer. 1 is where …

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Jun 01

Something new

I’ve decided to add other instruments to my recordings. I was recording guitars on Ableton. Now, I’m adding drums and other stuff on GarageBand and giving the last look on the same program after importing guitar tracks. It’s taking time but records are sounding decent! As an example: ***mixed with the movie Network (1976)

May 20

Seminar notes: Bubble Puzzles

Here is a summary of an interesting talk on bubbles! Prof. Lohse has given us an interesting talk ranging from shrimp to Lawrence of Arabia. The main topic was the bubble formation on fluids and solids. First, he started with a well-known example of bubbles in a glass of water. He examined the jet formation …

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May 12

Art of thermal radiation

If you have materials opaque to IR, you can create some illusions! You can take photo of yourself from the back of the thermal camera! Or, just play with the color scheme 🙂  

Apr 13

The impact of transition metal catalysts on macroscopic dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) characteristics in an ammonia synthesis plasma catalysis reactor

When non-equilibrium, low-temperature plasmas and catalysts interact, they can exhibit synergistic behavior that enhances the chemical activity above what is possible with either process alone. Unlike thermal catalysis, in plasma-assisted catalysis the non-equilibrium state of the plasma produces reactive intermediates, such as excited species, that may play an important role in the catalytic process. There …

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Apr 13

Balancing climate change with gender equality

Do we really care about both climate change and gender equality? If yes, please continue! If no, abort mission! World Resources Institute (WRI) has released comprehensive studies since 2016 showing that women’s access to decision-making process, low-carbon industry, infrastructure and transportation can boost energy efficiency, investments in renewable power, and reduction in carbon emissions. Here …

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Dec 17

Seminar notes: Is Hydrodynamics Relevant to the Origin of Life?

We are attending at least 8 seminars for every semester. Here is a short summary of the most interesting one! This was an interesting talk mostly focused on the bubbles formed in ocean and relating those with the origin of life. The speaker mentioned the mechanical forces created by waves in ocean and pointed out …

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Oct 21

I didn’t know graphene is so newly discovered!

Ok, it’s my ignorance. History time ! Year: 2004 Location: The University of Manchester Nobel Physics: 2010 Here is the whole story and information from ‘the home of graphene‘, Manchester.

Sep 01

Science policy is giving rise to open science or a new form of capitalism?

Here is a provocative paper recently published. I will add my thoughts when I’m done with reading.

Aug 29

Notes from iPlasmaNano 2018

It was a really dense conference. Mostly, the professors gave talks about the latest updates of their research. The discussions were at high level. I tried to keep my eyes open to follow almost every talk 🙂 But, it’s worth it 🙂 Here are the topics attracting my attention.     Nano particle synthesis: –>in-situ …

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