I have obtained an MSc. degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Bogazici University, Turkey. I have been working on space propulsion systems at Bogazici University Space Technologies Laboratory (BUSTLab) as a research assistant. I had a chance to study experimentally on Hall effect thrusters, which utilize electric and magnetic fields to extract ions from a plasma discharge, to see how those theoretical concepts are applied to reality. In accordance with the courses I took, I explored deeper the topic to improve my knowledge on physics inside the thruster. Then, I have tried to optimize the operational conditions to get more insights about the thruster parameters in space. The title of my thesis is “Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Cathode Position on HK40 Hall Effect Thruster Performance and Cathode Coupling“. I have published articles at the related conferences.

Now, I am a PhD student in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Notre Dame. I am working on plasma-enhanced catalysis. I have an immense curiosity about going further in space. I’m mostly interested in plasma physics and surface chemistry, besides physics of the future and human of the future.