Employee Benefits that Make a Big Impact

Tomi Gerhold, the Associate Director of Licensing at the University of Notre Dame, recently traveled to El Salvador to visit the League Collegiate Outfitters factory. She gained an insider’s perspective of a company that is redefining “employee benefits”.


Gang Rehabilitation

League Collegiate Outfitters has partnered with local organizations to implement a gang rehabilitation program. Former gang members in El Salvador find obtaining a job nearly impossible, but by joining this program they have the opportunity to change the course of their lives. Former gang members that have entered into the League program have become some of the company’s most productive employees.

Gang Rehabilitation - League

Clinic & Pharmacy

Employees at League have access to a full-service medical clinic and pharmacy housed inside the American Park (industrial business park) where League is located.

On-Site Daycare

League and the American Park offer parents an affordable on-site daycare facility during work hours. Employees are able to work full-time and know that their children are safe and looked after.

On-Site Daycare - League

Affordable Meals

Employees are given breakfast and lunch every day in the factory’s cafeteria. Meals are subsidized by the company and the employees pay a very affordable portion of the meals.

English Classes

Each employee is allotted 30 minutes each day to participate in English classes at no charge. The classroom in the factory is fully equipped with computers, and is air conditioned and comfortable. Learning English can sometimes be an avenue for career advancement.

English Classes - League

Education Program

The League factory partners with the Ministry of Education to provide workers with an optional after-hours education program. League employees can work toward their high school degree. Classes from 1st through 6th grade are taught by company management that volunteer their time. Employees entering 7th grade through graduation are taught by certified teachers.


League Collegiate Outfitters provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities. There are very few factories in the area that are accessible for individuals in wheelchairs, but League has made this a priority. To go a step further, the company has built an accessible housing facility near the factory for these employees, and provides daily transportation to and from work.

Accessibility - League

Savings & Loan (Employee Co-Op)

League workers who have borrowed money have often found themselves involved with aggressive loan “sharks”. League Collegiate Outfitters has established a savings and loan, which will pay off the loan sharks and allow employees to make payments at a lower interest rate.

Housing Development

League Collegiate Outfitters is in the process of acquiring an abandoned housing development near the factory. Approximately 83 homes will be completed and renovated, and made available for League employees to purchase via reasonable mortgage and interest rates.Housing Development - League

Tomi Gerhold with League factory workers as officially licensed Notre Dame shirts are made.

Tomi Gerhold with League factory workers as officially licensed Notre Dame shirts are being made.


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