About ND Sports Analytics Club

About the Club:

The Notre Dame Sports Analytics Club was founded in 2016 and currently operates in
two spheres: the overall club and individual programs. The club’s main purpose is to spread
awareness regarding opportunities for students in the sports analytics realm, which is primarily accomplished through talks given by visiting speakers in the industry, promotion of sports analytics conferences, and the education of analytical tools. Some of these talks are detailed further in a separate tab. All sports analytics conferences that the club has been made aware of are available through a link on the main page.

Individual programs work directly with varsity teams here at Notre Dame, with the idea
that the students selected to work for these programs are homegrown through participation in
the club. Since the club’s inception, seven athletic teams have begun a program through the

sports analytics club, and the club is continuously expanding. Currently, the student work is
volunteer-based, yet the club has gained recognition in newspapers and the athletic
department for the outstanding work done so far.

Club Meetings are held TIME, DATE, LOCATION and run throughout the academic year. For more information, email sbnclub@nd.edu or fill out the corresponding Google Form to be included in club updates

Find the club on Twitter –> @NDSprtAnalytics