Who We Are

We are the Themed Entertainment Association at Notre Dame (TEA@ND). We are an on-campus club focused on the following:

  1. Educating members on the professional world of themed entertainment through presentations and guest speakers.
  2. Developing a relationship with the national Themed Entertainment Association and connecting members to the themed industry network.
  3. Providing opportunities to gain experience in the field through competitions, trips, and activities.

Our very first meeting was held at the beginning of the 2018 spring semester. As a fairly new organization we are always looking to connect with new people and to get engaged with new opportunities. Feel free to reach out to us at any of the contact information listed on this site and explore our site to see what we are up to.

What We Do

Meetings every other week and “TEA-torials” on the other weeks usually on Thursday evenings. We have been fortunate enough to host a guest speaker from Disney Imagineering via video call in the spring of 2018. Club members compete in the Disney Imaginations competition as well as in competitions within the club.


This year, our club is working on a yearlong project— an escape room. Bringing together all skill sets found in the club, we are in the process of planning and building an escape room. This project as well as many more in the future help members find hands on things that they can use to improve their skills that they are going to use in the themed industry.


In the spring of 2018, our club traveled to Gurnee, Illinois to attend Six Flags Great America. There are currently plans to continue these fun trips as well as to send members on trips to competitions and conferences around the United States. All of these immerse students in the field they love and help them develop stronger networks within those fields.