Paleofantasy is a great book for those who are willing to take the time to explore the intricacies of human evolution and encounter wondrous research along the way. However, it is not a book recommended for those who are trying to find quick answers to the accuracy of paleofantasies. 

Throughout the book, the author raises very interesting questions, but does not provide the reader with straightforward answers. Zuk takes the time to break down the topic at hand while providing a whole lot of research evidence for context. She is not shy at providing evidence for both sides of an argument and takes the time to explain the implications. Some readers might feel that she ends her chapters with things being left open ended. However, if one has the time, she definitely provides her reader with pieces of information that they can craft into answers for themselves. 

Paleofantasy is a fascinating book to read if you want to be well informed about modern human’s connection to their ancestors along with the evolution that is occurring as you read.