Inorganic Materials Systems

Process Modeling of Lack-of-Fusion Porosity in Additively Manufactured Metals

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Lack-of-Fusion (LoF) porosity in additively manufactured materials systems tend to be large and crack-like.  The process model given in the NASA technical report linked above details a 3D CAD-based LoF porosity process model for integration into FE models.

Prediction of Grain-Average Elastic Strains Using Crystal-Plasticity Finite-Element Method

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This work was in response to the AFRL Additive Manufacturing Modeling Challenge Series.  Crystal plasticity was applied to a measured Ni-based superalloy microstructure.  Results were compared to measurements from far-field HEDM.  Largest deviations were associated with intermittent plasticity events.

Organic Materials Systems

Quantifying the Response of Low-Frequency-Ultrasound-Mediated Biofilms

This research interrogates the feasibility and effectiveness of using low frequency ultrasound to manage pulmonary exacerbations caused by biofilms in respiratory inflammatory diseases.  The image above is a 3D reconstruction of a stained biofilm (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) imaged from a confocal microscope.  Red indicates cell death.

Calculating Resonant Frequencies of SARS-CoV-2 Virion

Research is currently being conducted to quantify the resonant frequencies of the SARS-CoV-2 virion.  The image above is from a frequency analysis in ABAQUS indicating the deformation corresponding to one of the virion’s natural modes.  The model was created by reconstructing the measurements given by Yu et al.  The reconstruction code can be downloaded here.