Design/Build/Fly Team

About US

The Notre Dame Design/Build/Fly (DBF) team strengthens engineering, technical, and teamwork skills through participation in the annual AIAA Design/Build/Fly aerospace design competition.

The team aims to teach iterative design, creative problem solving, and the application of engineering principles. The team designs, builds, tests, and flies large, complex remote-controlled (RC) airplanes based on the competition’s rules and requirement for four missions.

The team also has the opportunity to submit written design reports and present design reviews to professors and professional mentors throughout the design process.

The Team


A group of passionate students that range in grade level from freshmen through 5th year students from various engineering disciplines (all majors and backgrounds are welcome). Contact us if you are interested in joining!

The Season

The team starts preparing for the season in September and continues the design, iteration, and testing process throughout the whole year.  The team submits a design proposal in the fall and final technical report in the spring before traveling to the competition. The international competition alternates location between Tucson, AZ and Wichita, KS and takes place in early April.

Contact US

Contact Project Manager Caleb Eisenbacher (24′) ( for more information


Our 2021-2022 aircraft taking off