Ali Nematbakhsh


Postdoctoral Research Associate and Instructor

Dept. of Applied & Computational Math & Statistics
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN, 46656, USA.


P.hD., Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Massachusetts, 2013

Office: Nieuwland science Hall 416
Phone: +1 (574) 631 0671





Selected Publications: 

  1. Nematbakhsh, A., Sun, W., Brodskiy, P., Amiri, A., Narciso, C., Xu Z., Zartman, J., Alber, M., “Computational study of the impacts of mechanical and physical cell properties on mitotic cell rounding in developing epithelia (Under Review )
  2. Nematbakhsh, A., Gao Z. and Moan T., “A CFD based numerical wave tank to study wave responses of fixed and floating offshore structures. Accepted for publication in Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering
  3. Nematbakhsh, A., Bachynski, E. E., Gao Z. and Moan T., 2015. “Comparison of wave loads effects on a TLP wind turbine by using computational fluid dynamics and potential flow theory approaches”, Applied Ocean Research, 142-154
  4. Nematbakhsh, A., Olinger, D. J., and Tryggvason, G., 2014 “Nonlinear simulation of a spar buoy floating wind turbine under extreme ocean conditions”. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 6(3), 033121 (20 pages)
  5. Nematbakhsh, A., Olinger, D. J., and Tryggvason, G., 2013. “A nonlinear computational model for floating wind turbines”. Journal of Fluids Engineering, 135(12), 121103 (13 pages)