See the Notre Dame Band

Marching Band
The 2025 Notre Dame football season brings the 179th season of the Notre Dame Marching Band!

During home game weeks, the Notre Dame Band has a number of other performances and rehearsals that are open to the public:

4:10 pm – Trumpets in the Dome (Main Building)
4:20 pm – Warmup at the Dome
4:30 pm – Step-off from the Dome
4:50 pm – Rehearsal

12:00 am – Midnight Drummer’s Circle
6 hours before kickoff – Step-off at Ricci Band Hall
2 hours before kickoff – Trumpets Under the Dome
90 minutes before kickoff – Concert on the Steps at Bond Hall (Old Architecture Building)
60 minutes before kickoff – Drummer’s Circle
45 minutes before kickoff – Step-off from the Dome

You are also able to watch the ND Band’s performances online.  Visit, and click on College Football > ND Central.

For more information on the ND Band, visit the band’s website at