Same Conversation, Different Languages

Other than the fact that we actually do speak different languages: English & Arabic, much like what we discussed in class, Team Egypt and CRS Egypt were actually speaking two different languages: a business language vs. a development language.

From our presentation in class last week, it seemed like the Egypt project was the most undefined and had the most to do to structure the problem.  So, for our first official meeting with CRS staff, we tried to do just that: define and structure the problem.  However, we were speaking different languages, which made this process all the more difficult.

So, after a series of meet & greets and caffeine this morning, we sat down with CRS staff, went over our agenda for the two weeks.  Then lunch…

Delicious Koshari

After lunch, we met as a team and tried to hash out 1) our objectives, 2) our expectation, 3) our deliverables.  We created a plan which we then presented to CRS staff.  The feedback from this meeting was invaluable! We are one small step closer to speaking the same language and understanding each other.

Us: Hard at Work

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