Bad News, Good News

Bad News: All of the bananas in CENMA (the central wholesale distribution center in Guatemala City) are from Honduras.  They are stronger, cleaner, and cheaper.  We only found one person who bought bananas from Olopa (the main town near the co-op), and he only bought them when he ran out of Honduran bananas.  Three points.

Our Competition: Honduran Bananas

Good News: Walmart in Guatemala City sells criollo bananas!  And judging by the amount left, they are in high demand . . .

An everyday low price of Q. 1.95 / lb for criollo bananas.

Researching other banana products Walmart sells

In addition to the CENMA and Walmart, we also visited the Terminal (the huge central market in Guatemala City) and the Mercado Central.  After learning the price at which bananas are bought and sold at these stages we have developed a stronger understanding of the latter part of the banana value chain.  The value chain we drew on a table cloth during dinner:

Buenas noches, amigos.


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