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古典政治哲学引论:亚里士多德《政治学》讲疏(1965年)施特劳斯 讲疏,扎科特 整理 著,娄林 译

Introduction to Classical Political Philosophy: Lectures on Aristotle’s “Politics” (1965)
Edited by Catherine Zuckert

Published by East China  Normal University Press
施特劳斯 讲疏扎科特 整理 著,娄林


Special Issue of The Review of Politics Honoring Catherine H. Zuckert

Volume 80 Issue 2 Spring 2018
This special edition of The Review of Politics commemorates the Exemplary Career of Catherine H. Zuckert, Nancy Reeves Dreux Professor of Political Science, Editor-in-Chief, The Review of  Politics 2004-2017, Scholar, Teacher, Mentor, Friend.