CBL Syllabi and Projects

Campus Compact’s criteria for quality higher-education service-learning syllabi are grounded in four “conceptual criteria”:

1. Engagement – Does the service component meet a public good? How do you know this? Has the community been consulted? How? How have campus- community boundaries been negotiated and how will they be crossed?

2. Reflection – Is there a mechanism that encourages students to link their service experience to course content and to reflect upon why the service is important?

3. Reciprocity – Is reciprocity evident in the service component? How? “Reciprocity suggests that every individual, organization, and entity involved in the service- learning functions as both a teacher and a learner. Participants are perceived as colleagues, not as servers and clients.” (Jacoby, 1996 p.36)

4. Public Dissemination – Is service work presented to the public or made an opportunity for the community to enter into a public dialogue? For example: Do oral histories that students collect return to the community in some public form? Is the data students collect on the saturation of toxins in the local river made public? How? To whose advantage?

Community-Based Learning Syllabi from Notre Dame Faculty

Center for the Homeless 2013

Center for the Homeless 2013

Ed Kelly, Community Writing and Rhetoric

Nicole MacLaughlin, Community Writing and Rhetoric
Connie Snyder Mick, Community Writing and Rhetoric
Joel Dodson, Community Writing and Rhetoric
Kasey Swanke, Community Writing and Rhetoric
Marisel Moreno, Spanish
Rachel Parroquin, Spanish
Stephen Fallon and F. Clark Power, “Community Extension World Masterpieces Seminar,” Center for the Homeless
Ante Glavas, Management
Paul Brenner, CSE

Center for Social Concerns: Social Concerns Seminars Syllabi

Community-Based Projects Produced through Notre Dame Courses

Latino Community Research–Professor Marisel Moreno-Anderson


The Lios Mor Project–Professors Sean O’Brien and Connie Snyder Mick

Community-Based Learning Syllabi Produced Outside Notre Dame

 The Civic Engagement Syllabi Project from Imagining Americas

Transforming Your Class with Service Learning–Worksheet

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  1. It was very insightful to hear from Ed Kelly about how his approach to CBL in his classes. His presentation highlighted for me how important it is to focus on “what matters” and to model it. After looking at Ed’s course materials, I feel reassured that it really can be done. Thanks, Ed.