Community Extension World Masterpieces Seminar

Steve Fallon and Clark Power, “Community Extension World Masterpieces Seminar” at the Center for the Homeless

Describing the rigor of this Seminar taught to guests of the Center for the Homeless, Professor Steve Fallon writes:
We meet and exceed contact-minute requirements for the one-credit courses.  We meet at least 8 times (normally more) for 90 minutes each time.  We add a cultural event (opera, play, concert) each term, over and above the class meetings.  We require students to do the reading and to participate in class.  We require a final exam/paper of 3-4 pp. (typed)  in response to essay prompts, each of which requires students to address several books  (we have upped this from our earlier requirement of a 2-3 pp. essay).  We do not give credit unless the student writes an essay that we can pass at college level.  We often do not pass essays turned in.  It is important to us that we not give away credits, that the students earn them.
The students are vetted at the Center by the Director of Adult Education.  She does not admit students who have not attained a reading level sufficient for reading the books.

Seminar Materials

National Press on the Seminar