My research is in commutative algebra inspired by algebraic geometry. Some of the problems I am working on include the implicitization problem and the study of blowup algebras, multiplicity theory and its interplay with equisingularity theory, derivations, linkage and residual intersection theory.


Yairon Cid-Ruiz, Claudia Polini, and Bernd Ulrich, Generalized Jouanolou duality, weakly Gorenstein rings, and applications to Blowup algebras, submitted for publication.

Ela Celikbas, Emilie Dufresne, Louiza Fouli, Elisa Gorla, Kuei-Nuan Lin, Claudia Polini, and Irena Swanson, Rees algebras of maximal minors of sparse matrices, submitted for publication.

Robin Hartshorne and Claudia Polini, Quasi-cyclic modules and coregular sequences, Math. Z. 299 (2021), 123-138.