Current Projects

Catholic Social Teaching

The CST group works with Professor Sedmak to create a public Notre Dame website and database to host student reflections about various service projects. This year, the team will will expand on last year’s prototype to build a frontend UI and improved database for the project.

Riley High School

This team collaborates with Riley High School to provide exciting mentorship opportunities for students here in South Bend. By talking to classes and helping students with their projects throughout the year, this team encourages students to pursue technical fields and make an impact in the community.

Websites for Nonprofits

The Websites for Nonprofits group is creating a website template for local charitable and nonprofit organizations to customize and use. The goal is to make the website effective in terms of increasing the visibility of a given nonprofit, while also being reliable and easily maintainable, even for those with little technical knowledge.

South Bend Code School

The South Bend Code School runs a number of courses that teach technical skills to school-aged kids from a diverse set of backgrounds. Our club is supplying volunteers to both teach technical skills and plan relevant events within the school, such as a Girls Coding Day.

Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala

There are currently three teams working with the Moore Pediatric Surgery center:

Patient Info Team

This group is researching open source software for the purpose of keeping track of patient medical records, as well as creating documentation about how to setup and transition from the current paper system to the software. Additionally, the team will later write software to support the analysis of patient procedure information.


The Inventory group will research the options available to the hospital in terms of creating a medical supplies inventory system, and support their adoption of the technology.

Tech Consulting

The Tech Consulting group aims to analyze the current technical needs of the hospital and make recommendations regarding what hardware or software upgrades would be the most helpful. The hospital can use this information to request funding for the infrastructure from donors.

Guate Te Incluye Migrants Project

The migrants projects aims to help the Guate Te Incluye NGO, which supports Guatemalan migrants who have been deported. There are three teams working on the project:

Job Postings

This group is building a website for Guate Te Incluye that allows companies to post job postings for returning migrants. It will allow migrants to respond to job postings as well by filtering jobs based on skills and requirements.


The donations team is working to extend the Guate Te Incluye’s website to accept PayPal donations. This includes working with the PayPal API and building a web frontend to accept donations. The teams is also creating a social media presence for the organization to promote Guate Te Incluye and provide increased visibility for the organization.


The Databases team is working to support Guate Te Incluye’s move from paper migrant forms to a cloud hosted database or storage system. Other goals include creating a frontend for the data storage method supporting the input and storage of scanned paper forms.