Mankind and Its Beginnings

“People of the Lake”, by Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin is an in-depth account of the origin of Homo sapiens.  Written by some of the world’s leading Anthropologists, this book provides a detailed account of where and when mankind began, how evolution brought these beings into existence, and a number of other topics regarding the development of modern Homo. Despite being published in 1978, this book is extremely valuable in its accuracy and clarity of presentation of the findings of the scientists at the Koobi Fora camp in Kenya on the shore of Lake Turkana. This book review will provide some of the key information put forth in the book, and will provide a brief summary of the findings of the group led by the Leakey’s and their counterparts over the decade of 1968-1978. So without further ado, let’s travel back to 1968, and see what these Paleoanthroplogists have in store for us. Enjoy!

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