Course Readings

The primary way to access course readings is through ND Sakai. Some readings are available through eReserves at Notre Dame (as a back up source).

See syllabus for specifics about what is required and means of access.

Some weekly readings may be available on this site. See below.


Week 1 Readings

Samerof 2010 A Unified Theory of Development

Promise & Peril JCE 2014 Lapsley

Lerner 1998 Theories Human Development

An Orientation to Adoles & Devel Lapsley Narvaez

Jardine Pedagogy Left in Peace 2012 Excerpts

Greene Long 2011 Honoring Parent Involvement

Long 2011 Chpt 2 Parent Involvement Identity

Wickrama & Noh 2010 Community Contexts

Benson 1998 Beyond the Village Rhetoric



Week 2 Readings

Learners and Learning 1989 ANDERSON Chpt 8

Classroom Instruction 1989 ANDERSON Chpt 9

Raising the Achievement of All Students Sternberg 2002

Chi (2009) presents some interesting comparisions across learning theories.

Week two was summed up well by T. Plummer:   “how we teach students to learn needs to be informed by what we know about how they learn.”


Week 3, 4 Readings

See syllabus


Of Interest

Carl Rogers and Learning