NSF Workshop on matrix factorizations and related topics

Nov 12-13, 2022, University of Notre Dame

In an effort to better understand matrix factorizations and their connections to commutative algebra, derived categories and physics, we are inviting several experts to speak on the subject.


Nitin Chidambaram (Edinburgh)
Alexei Oblomkov (Amherst)
James Pascaleff (UIUC)

Ana Ros Camacho (Cardiff)
Irena Peeva (Cornell) — Mini course speaker
Keller Vandebogert (Notre Dame)
Matthew Young (Utah State) — Mini course speaker


Felix Janda
Lisa Driver (administrative support)

Partial financial support is available for graduate students and postdocs. Please register by October 15 to apply for financial support.

This conference is generously supported by:
National Science Foundation
Notre Dame Department of Mathematics