Digital Pedagogy

Teaching with digital tools is no panacea for bad teaching or inefficient course design. But we believe certain forms of it can significantly enhance 21st-century students’ understanding of mathematics and premodern cultures.

Below are 2 opportunities for further engagement with digital learning.

Thomas Harriot Papers – IIIF Annotation

Prof. Robert Goulding and the NFCDS, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute and the British Library, are pursuing a crowdsourced annotation project on the whole of Harriot’s manuscript papers. This annotated edition will provide structure to help scholars identify new trends in Harriot’s mathematical and note-taking practice while aiding in the mammoth task of adding order to these notoriously jumbled papers.

To learn more and to participate, visit the NFCDS LibGuide and Project Instructions. Then request the organizers, Dr. Don Brower and Dr. Arnaud Zimmern, to join the annotation project.

NFCDS Pedagogy Fellowship

More to be announced soon — keep an eye on this page…