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Student Posters

Students who participate in this project often present their research results at conferences. Below are a few of the posters recently presented.


Maureen Keating, “America’s Emerald Isle: Irish Language and Identity on Beaver Island, Michigan,” presented at the American Anthropological Association meetings, Chicago, Illinois, 23 November 2013.


Kaitlyn Davis, “Identity and the Beaver Island Lumber Company,” presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology meetings, Baltimore, Maryland, 29 March 2012.


Catherine (Kasia Ahern), Women and Economy: Analyzing the Roles of Women in Irish-American Communities,” presented at the American Anthropological Association meetings, Montreal, Quebec, 18 November 2011.


Bianca Fernandez, Effects of Immigration on Irish Islander Place-Based Identity,” presented at the Department of Anthropology Undergraduate Research Expo, University of Notre Dame, 30 April 2011.




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