The University for Me

by Yiwei Shen, China

My name is Yiwei Shen and I originally come from China. My hometown Chengdu is located in the southwest of China. The weather in Chengdu is so different from here. We have endless cloudy days and are always expecting the precious blue sky. It’s so exciting to have plenty of sunshine here! In addition, Chengdu is said to be a city that “teaches you how to waste your time correctly” and “you never want to leave once you come.” It is a place with a slow and pleasant pace, resulting in satisfaction about life.

At Notre Dame, I live in Lewis Hall and I find it a super nice dorm for me.  (We enjoy the beautiful lakes!) Technically speaking, it is not far from anywhere; it’s just not close enough to everywhere. It takes me some time to get to class, but why not regard it as a little exercise?

As a freshman, I want to double major in business and psychology, but I won’t make a decision until next year. Many people have asked me why I chose to attend Notre Dame. The simplest answer is that Notre Dame was the best choice for me compared with other universities. But now I’d like to say I was led to Notre Dame by life. It doesn’t sound like an ambiguous answer, does it? However, I do believe ND is THE university for me.

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