Selected Publications

“Cleaning Our Messes: The unprotected workers keeping climate change at bay,” in Exploring Environmental Violence, Cambridge University Press, 2024.

“Perspectives on Business Ethics in the Japanese Tradition: Implications for Global Understanding of the Role of Business in Society”, (With Toru Umeda), Asian Journal of Business Ethics (Springer), 8, 2019

“Toward Discovering a National Identity for Millennials: Examining their Personal Value Orientations for Regional, Institutional, and Demographic Similarities or Variations”, (With James Weber, Dawn Elm, Vanessa Hill, Jeffrey Loewenstein, Patsy Lewellyn), Business and Society Review, 124, 2019

“Exploring the Relationship of Variant Degrees of National Economic Freedom to the Ethical Profiles of Millennial Business Students in Eight Countries”, (With James Weber), Business & Society, 2020

“Ethical Reset: A Sustainable Recovery”AACSB Insights, 2021

Toxic for Teens: Navigating a Career in the Social Media Industry, Darden Business Publishing, 2022

“Relationship amongst coastal hazard countermeasures and community resilience in the Tōhoku Region of Japan following the 2011 tsunami”, (With Robert Wachter, Davide Forcellini, Kevin Walsh), Natural Hazards Review – Accepted (awaiting publication)