Upcoming talk: Getting involved in Peace Studies research

“What we can learn from research in post-conflict settings, and how you can get involved”
Dr. Jocelyn Dautel – Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Wednesday, September 30th at 7:30pm
Location: 136 DeBartolo Hall
Want to learn more about childhood adversity and growing up amid political conflict? Jocelyn Dautel, PhD, from Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB) in Northern Ireland will present cutting-edge psychological research and discuss how you could participate in the future. Her talk will focus on youth development and intergroup contexts; she will also present briefly on the research of others at QUB’s School of Psychology, and further education opportunities in various graduate programs, including the MSc in Political Psychology, MSc in Psychology of Childhood Adversity, and MSc in Atypical Development.
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Weekly Psychology Presentations

The following study groups are typically graduate students presenting some new and exciting research. Sometimes there are invited speakers. Everybody is welcome.

Cognitive, Brain, and Behavior Studies Group (CBBSG): Mondays at Noon in B016 Haggar Hall.

Quantitative Studies Group (QSG): Thursdays at 3:30 PM in 212 Haggar Hall.

Developmental Studies Group (DSG): Wednesdays at 1 PM in B016 Haggar Hall.

Feel free to ask me for a copy of the abstracts for upcoming events!

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Dec. 1 – Dec. 5

Monday, Dec. 1, 2014 Noon: CBBSG- Presentation by Enmanuelle Pardilla-Delgado. Haggar B016 (?) “Effects of Psychosocial Stress on True and False Memory Consolidation”

Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 3:30pm: QSG- TBA. Haggar 212

Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 4:30pm: MAP Lab meeting- Article discussion led by Katie McCarty. Brownson 118

Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, 5:30pm: Neuroscience presentation by Kathryn Ralph. Haggar B016

Friday, Dec. 5, 2014, 12:30pm: DSG-TBA. Haggar B016

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Nov. 17 – Nov. 21

Thursday Nov. 20, 3:30 pm, 212 Haggar Hall: QSG – Quinn Lathrop: an ND PhD who will practice his job talk.

Thursday Nov. 20, 4:30 pm, 118 Brownson Hall: MAP lab meeting – Special Guest Sam Hardy, PhD (BYU)

Friday Nov. 21, 12:30 pm, B016 Haggar Hall: DSG – Sam Hardy, PhD (BYU) The M & M’s of Moral Identity: Mediation and Moderation.

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Oct. 27 – Oct. 31

Thursday Oct. 30, 3:30pm, Haggar 212- QSG: TBA

Thursday Oct. 30, 4:30pm, Brownson 118- Lab meeting

Friday Oct. 31, 12:30pm, Haggar B016- DSG: TBA


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Oct. 13 – Oct. 17

Monday Oct. 13 Noon Haggar B016

CBBSG: Caitlin Mills–“Beyond Reading Time: Decoupling as a Predictor of Comprehension and Engagement during Reading”

Thursday Oct. 16 3:30pm Haggar 212

QSG: Can (Cathy) Shao–“Detection of Test Speededness Using Change-point Analysis”

Thursday Oct. 16 4:30pm Brownson 118

MAP lab meeting: article discussion led by Claire R.

Friday Oc.t 17 12:30pm Haggar B016

DSG: Amy Nuttal–“Understanding Processes of Boundary Dissolution Across Development”




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Oct. 6 – Oct. 10

Thursday Oct. 9; 3:30pm; Haggar 212:

QSG by Patrick Miller

“A flexible method for selecting predictors that influence multiple outcomes”

Thursday Oct. 9; 4:30pm; Brownson 118

Lab meeting: Smith et al article led by Claire C.


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Sept. 29 – Oct. 3

Pathways to Child Flourishing

Sept. 27-30: McKenna Hall

Sept. 29, Noon, Haggar B16

CBBSG by Michael Brady (ND post-doc)

“A Biology-Inspired Model of Speech Motor Learning and Control”

Oct. 2, 3:30pm, Haggar 212

QSG by Meghan Cain and Haiyan Liu

Oct. 2, 4:30pm, Brownson 118

Lab meeting with article discussion led by Alyssa

Oct. 3, 10:00am, Montgomery Auditorium, LaFortune

Dr. Thomas Balkin

“Sleep and Human Performance Factors”




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Sept. 22 – Sept. 26 events

Monday, Sept. 22, Noon, Haggar B016

CBBSG talk: Kristopher Kopp (post-doc at ND)

“An Assessment of Mind Wandering and Methods of Information Delivery”

Thursday, Sept 25, 3:30pm, Haggar 212

QSG talks:

Ge (Gabriella) Jiang

“Small sample statistics for SEM: Three robust corrections to the likelihood ratio statistic for nonnormal data”

Miao (Michelle) Yang

“Moderating effects of the relationship between education and income: a robust analysis”

Thursday, Sept. 25, 4:30pm, Brownson 118

Lab meeting: Discuss Elliot and Reis, 2003

Friday, Sept. 26, 12:30pm, Haggar B016

DSG talk: Jennifer Burke Lefevor (

*Rescheduled from last week*



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Sept 15 – Sept 19

Thursday Sept 18

QSG (Quantitative studies group): 3:30pm Haggar 212

Yajuan Si from University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nonparametric Bayesian Multiple Imputation for Incomplete Categorical Variables in Large-Scale Assessment Surveys

Lab meeting: 4:30pm Brownson 118

Discussing Rafa’s manuscript draft

Friday, Sept. 19

DSG (Developmental studies group): 12:30pm Haggar B016

Dr. Jen Burke-Lefever from the Notre Dame Center for Children and Families

Promoting Positive Parenting: Results from a Randomized Trial of a Cellular-Phone Enhanced Home Visitation Parenting Intervention


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