University of Notre Dame

Main Speakers

Jerry Bona (University of Illinois – Chicago)
Hongqiu Chen (University of Memphis)
Peter Constantin (Princeton University)
Carlos Kenig (University of Chicago)
Barbara Keyfitz (Ohio State University)
Adrian Lam (Ohio State University)
Marta Lewicka (University of Pittsburgh)
Shuwang Li (IIT – Chicago)
Yanyan Li (Rutgers University)
Natasa Pavlovic (University of Texas – Austin)
Monica Visan (University of California – Los Angeles)
Lu Wang (Yale University)
Yu Yuan (University of Washington)

Qing Han (Notre Dame)
Alex Himonas (Notre Dame)
Bei Hu (Notre Dame)

Special PDE Seminar:
Jiahong Wu, Oklahoma State University, on “Stabilizing phenomenon for electrically conducting fluids”, Friday, May 5, 11:00-11:50 am (for early arrivals!)

The 87th Midwest PDE Seminar is partially funded by the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame, National Science Foundation, Notre Dame College of Science, Notre Dame Department ACMS, Notre Dame Department of Mathematics, and Notre Dame Research.