A New Word for New Connections

“Zoobiquity” isn’t a term that’s probably in your vernacular- that’s because it’s new. Katheryn Bowers and Barbara Natterson-Horowitz’s new book coined the term to describe the previously unacknowledged intersections between human and animal medical conditions and physiology. Their book (which goes by the same term) provides an overview of the connections they made through years of study, which include anything from dinosaurs with cancer to ladybugs with STDs to animals with drug addictions. They stress the importance of collaboration between veterinarians and doctors to discover treatments sooner because, let’s face it, all life is much more similar than us egotistical humans would like to believe. So, luckily for all of us, Zoobiquity gives us all support that we have infinitely more in common with our pets than we thought- hell yeah.