MSM Tech Weekly. Jan 18 – Jan 25, 2016


I currently have 5 news apps on my phone (I had 7 until a few months ago), and I have also been following several news networks on Twitter; all in the effort of “keeping up with the times”!  But the problem with both apps and tweets is: first, they update too frequently, and secondly, I hate searching through hundreds of articles. I just wish someone could select specific news pieces for me that tell me everything happening around the world that’s worth knowing. Something like Yahoo News Digest does, but just less frequently. Yahoo picks up 7-10 highlights twice a day, and distributes a “morning digest” and an “evening digest”.

Thus, on this day, Jan 26, 2016, I am pleased to introduce to you: MSM Weekly! MSM Weekly will be your weekly news digest categorized by industry such as Tech, World, U.S, Politics, Economy and Markets. Although I’ve struggled with the plethora of news apps, I have somehow managed to stay at top with tech news (for those of you who don’t know me, I have a high affinity for the technology industry). To give you a glimpse of our new weekly feature, here is this week’s Tech News…

#1: Google reportedly paid Apple $1B for iOS Default Search: Search traffic and hence understanding of user preferences are critical to Google’s business.  In fact, according to a recent revelation it paid Apple $1B to be the default search in iOS. Read More…

#2: GoPro lays off 7% workforce after disappointing holiday sales; Stock drops 23%.  While GoPro had previously experienced an explosion of new staffing, growing at a 50 percent rate over the last two years, the company needs to look at more revenue streams. Read more…

#3: “You can’t ban encryption. It’s math” – Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder, Wikipedia.  Watch the video here … 

#4: New! Facebook Sports Stadium. A new Facebook feature that focuses on expert commentaries, lives scores and game info. So we’ll now catch the next football season together on Facebook. Read more …

#5: How about an Apple VR headset? Apple recently hired a top augmented/VR researcher, and had also filed a patent for Google like headset about 11 months ago. Is something in works? Read here…

It’s hard to keep it to just 5 news stories, but I’ll stick to that limit as the idea with the MSM weekly is to give you a quick update. All links take you to Tech Crunch this week as they are a quick read, but we’ll have more diversity as we go forward.

Please let me know your thoughts about the idea. And, we’d love to have contributions from you for your favorite industry or news domain.


Land of the Free-Cookies, Football and Friends

“I’m from the Philippines. I just moved here 5 months ago.”… “Yea? How do you like it here?”

That is usually how my conversations with new acquaintances go these days. And every single time, I always end up with a go-to answer – “I like it” or “It’s okay” – which doesn’t really give justice to my American experience.

Thinking about the question more deeply, three things immediately come to mind.

  • THE FOOD: Seriously, I have eaten more cookies in 5 months than in my 20 years of existence prior to coming here! I don’t know what it is with the American comfort food, but they definitely add salt to my rather tasteless days, especially when I get homesick.
  • TRADITIONS: Football + tailgate, Halloween, thanksgiving, 4th of July, VS Fashion Show (haha)…there’s always something to look forward to every month! (And I thought Americans do not celebrate as often as we do in the Philippines…I was totally wrong!)
  • PEOPLE: I cannot stress this enough. People have been so warm and so kind to me – my classmates, my professors, and even the strangers I get to talk to in the bus! Notre Dame (and the South Bend) fosters a sense of community among people from different walks of life. This aspect is probably the most I am grateful for in my 5mos of stay in the US.

So to simplify, this equation gives a bit more accurate answer to the simple loaded question.

Food + Traditions + People = Great American Experience

I just thought this would be an appropriate blog post for the season. To all the MSMs, the faculty and staff, and all the people who have been so kind to welcome me here in the US…thank you from the bottom of my literally tiny heart. Happy thanksgiving!

— Vera Pinera