Hello there!

Whether you are a recent MSM grad, prospective MSM candidate, or an MSM enthusiast, I’d love to welcome you to our blog!

This blog is the product of the 2016 MSM cohort with the intent to document our experiences, lessons, and good times this year.

What’s an MSM?

I’m glad you asked! For those of you who are a tad unfamiliar with the MSM program, it is a one year business master’s degree offered through the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. The program was started in 2013 with it’s first graduating class in 2014. MSM stands for Master of Science in Management; the curriculum is similar to that of the first year of an MBA. The program is designed for the recent graduates with very little work experience who have an undergraduate degree in a non-business field. This masters degree highlights the value of liberal arts and sciences applied to the analytics of business.

Right, so who are you exactly?

Our cohort is made up of 50 of the brightest individuals from across the nation and around the world. Our undergraduate majors include electrical engineering, psychology, studio art and all that’s in between. We are your world travelers, innate leaders, and creative thinkers with the ability to use both sides of our brain to solve problems. Most importantly, we are your future leaders of your major corporations, non-profits, or our own self-started businesses.

Cool! So what am I reading/seeing on this blog?

Right now, you’re reading our very first blog post. The leaders of the MSMA decided to create this blog to capture the journey of our 2016 cohort. Our goal is to establish a unified location for our cohort and future MSMs to document their journeys, share their lessons learned, and highlight our accomplishments.

Who and what is the MSMA?

The MSMA is the Master of Science in Management Association; it’s the official form of student leadership for the program. For 2016 our leaders are Mudit, Briana, and myself, Michelle. We work with our advisor, Lisa Heming, and the office of student services to organize events, service projects, order apparel, and form relationships with other departments at ND.

…a little bit about us

Mudit Bhargava, Vice President

Mudit is from New Delhi, India. He’s a wildly talented iOS developer and completed his undergraduate degree in 2013 in Computer Science and Engineering in Delhi. Mudit’s made three iPhone apps with his brother—one of which was top rated in the App store (it’s called Lookup: an elegant dictionary). Mudit is always willing to share his culture with us and learn new things about our culture from trying new foods to cheering on the Fighting Irish on Saturdays!

Briana Tully, Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Briana, originally from Tuscan, AZ, is a recent 2015 graduate in Environmental Geoscience from Boston College. Briana’s multitude of leadership experiences and event planning for all of BC’s events is the reason we are going to have such a fun year! Her easy going and kind nature paired with her excitement for life makes her a perfect asset to any institution—we’re happy we snagged her here! Although it’s hard to be in the middle of Holy Wars, Briana’s loving her home under the dome and will have to don maroon, gold, AND blue for this year’s Shamrock Series (ND vs. BC)!

Michelle Drappi, President

I’m originally from Monmouth County, NJ and am currently fulfilling my dream of being a double domer by pursuing this masters. I recently graduate from ND in 2015 with a degree in Studio Art. However, I switched my major from chemistry in the middle of my junior year just as I changed my ultimate career path. I transferred to Notre Dame my sophomore year from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. I absolutely love Notre Dame and am looking forward to this year under the golden dome as a graduate student!


Thank you for visiting our blog! Come back to see more posts and photos throughout the year. We want you to be able to meet all 50 of us and really understand what it means to be an MSM at ND. If you have any questions or would like to contact the class just shoot us an email at msma@nd.edu. Thanks again!


Michelle Drappi