End Gun Violence

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Florida, Aurora, Wisconsin…the list of mass shootings continues to grow. Six people were murdered at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on Sunday, and our nations leaders remain silent on how they would end the violence. Our prayers reach out to the families whose lives have been shattered irreparably and our thoughts beg for a solution to such atrocities.

It’s past time for action. There is an urgent need for the presidential candidates to present a concrete plan to end gun violence in America.

Police officers cannot combat gun violence alone. Legislators in Washington and across the country should do more to help law enforcement fight illegal guns because the current laws are not working.

Federal law prohibits certain categories of dangerous people from owning guns, and licensed dealers can easily screen buyers with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Nevertheless the system is easily evaded, especially in so-called “private sales” made at hundreds of gun shows around the country every year. Why do loopholes exist in the law that allow individuals who have violent arrest records and history of domestic abuse – like the killer of Trayvon Martin – to purchase and carry a concealed, loaded gun?

The heart of the matter is that gun control is neither conservative nor liberal, not black, white, or brown – it is one of life and death.

Change must also come from our generation. Last spring, I accompanied lobbyists from The Raben Group, LLC, to Capitol Hill to meet with firearms legislative assistants on behalf of our client, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I witnessed firsthand how lobbyists can educate policymakers on the intricacies of proposed laws and established laws, in the effort to create safe communities nationwide. I learned that I could use an education in law to create safe communities, which is why I will become a lawyer.

2 thoughts on “End Gun Violence

  1. I am with you in opposition to the gun culture. I am working everyday to connect people in the ND/South Bend community with information and calls to action by organizations involved with this. We cannot let up. For years so many of us have sat back stymied by the lack of any traction in the media and with our leaders as the NRA has dominated the conversation and the legislative agenda. There is no other lobby group that has permeated our social and political culture like the NRA making regulation, safety research, litigation and even council by physicians prohibited by law.

    I believe this is a civil rights issue as gun violence arms those with less power more often. I am very determined as I have lost two family members to guns. I welcome anyone who wants to work with me in this community. The time is now!

    Stephen Miller

    • Thank you for your comment. I wholeheartedly agree! Please let me know what organization you’re involved with and how MSPS can help.

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