Stand Your Ground

Throughout the past year, we have learned that the Stand Your Ground Law is pervasive throughout the country.  It has led to deaths of African American and Latino males in Jacksonville, FL and most recently Miami, Fl. Some artists, such as Steve Wonder, Frankie Beverly and Maze, and Mary Mary, have verbalized their objections to the law and vowed not to perform in Florida until the law is repealed.  Their commitment to end the “hunting season on our young men of color” is commendable; but what is our charge?  As individuals, who live in states with a similar law, we have the due diligence to make our opposition known when voting.

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech calling for equal opportunities for jobs and freedom from harassment. Three weeks later, four little girls lost their lives in Birmingham as a result of racially motivated terrorism. Even though much has changed, a significant amount of ideology has remained the same.  As we stand our ground to fight for social justice, we have to be strategic in how we implement our plan of action. In commemoration of the 50th anniversaries of the March on Washington and the bombing of the Birmingham 16th Street Church, we remember these monumental events were about civil rights.  Notre Dame in conjunction with other local institutions is hosting the Echoes of Birmingham. From September 7 -10, events providing historical context will be held at the Center for History and on the campus of University of Notre Dame. For more information, visit the MSPS website.

MSPS has adopted the 2013-2014 theme “We Got You.”  MSPS is here to support, to advise, to offer guidance and leadership development opportunities.  We are an integral component of the “village” to ensure that students thrive at Notre Dame.  This includes providing opportunities to learn outside of the classroom and establish networks for life after your matriculation. We hope you will join us at our upcoming events to enrich your ND experiences:

  •  September 4  Interrace Forum
  •  September 9 Spirituality, Birmingham Bombing, and Birmingham Civil Rights Movement
  •  September 12 Welcome Back Picnic.
  •  Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off
  •  October 4     Series of Diversity in the Arts –Evita in Chicago


Contact for information on these activities

Safe travels as you return to campus,

Iris L. Outlaw `90 MSA