New Ventures

Iris Outlaw

by Iris Outlaw
    I have always viewed August as the end of the summer and beginning of new things to come. The preparation for the arrival of first year students, training of hall staff and departments gearing up to welcome everyone is integral to the existence of the University of Notre Dame and other educational institutions. We, Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS), are focused on building community, which entails having a campus culture that is welcoming to all. The department provides opportunities for self-discovery, multicultural education, leadership development, and dialogue about the intersection of race and other individual identities. To assist students desiring to study abroad, they
may apply for our study abroad research scholarships that are offered in the fall and spring semesters.For those wanting to research domestic inequities, we have a domestic research scholarship as well.
     Per the Nigerian Igbo quote, “It takes a village to raise a child,” we believe it is imperative that a collaborative effort is needed to prepare Notre Dame students in becoming global citizens. If one functions in a silo, their perspective is limited and they are inhibiting their own development. Therefore we, the MSPS staff and our colleagues, challenge all students to seize the opportunity to possess an open heart, mind and spirit as you come to campus. We want you to have difficult conversations on topics such as race, gender identity issues, political stances. What you learn outside of the classroom can and will enhance your overall academic experience.
    MSPS is committed to providing opportunities for students to expand their knowledge base through our academic success and retention initiatives and programs. For those considering graduate school, research experience and presenting at conference is key to achieving this goal. Students wanting to participate in conversations on the how race impacts global and domestic issues should attend the variety of programs from the Interrace Forum to the MLK Study of Race Series, where you can interact with scholars in this area. For more information on activities sponsored by the office visit our website.
Feel free to contact our office by email:  Twitter @msps nd/ or Facebook
    We wish you an exciting and fulfilling academic year.
Iris L. Outlaw
Iris L. Outlaw `90 MSA
Multicultural Student Programs and Services