About Me

Charles Barbour

Educational Technologist at Notre Dame

My name is Charles Barbour. I work at the University of Notre Dame in the Academic Technologies Department. We’re located within the Teaching and Learning branch of the Office of Information Technology.

I enjoy exploring bright shiny objects and technology. I chase after them with the same energy as a dog running after a car.

I’m currently exploring Lecture Capture and that occupies most of my time. I also have a few other projects I’m involved with or heading:

Personally I’m a big home improvement guy and an avowed beer snob.  

I go by Chaz or Charles.

Not Chuck, not Charlie.

(My full name is Charles Starr Barbour V. Yes the 5th. My son is the 6th.)

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time. – Leonard Bernstein

Contact Info:

Charles Barbour

Educational Technologist

B003 Edward J DeBartolo Hall – Notre Dame IN  46556

Office – 574-631-2386




2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey Charles,

    Awesome post here: https://blogs.nd.edu/ndedtechguy/?p=319#comments

    I had the same thought as here we have alot of conference rooms and support various mobile platforms. One issue I noticed with AirServer is that it might not support all Wireless interfaces. I tried an Intel Compute Stick at a place and noticed the Wireless interface is not listed in AirServer’s website. Have you tried the latter? I tried it once on a Lenovo X240 laptop which has the needed Intel Wireless interface. It worked beautifully, but given its a laptop, it wouldn’t make sense to use as a wireless projection receiver. Have you you tried AirServer on Intel Compute Stick?

    If yes, please share your findings. I have AirServer, but need the right hardware.


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