Participate in All “Public Intellectualism” Conference Sessions Remotely

This year the NDIAS is making it easier than ever to participate in our annual conference remotely. That means even if you cannot make the trip out to the University of Notre Dame for this year’s phenomenal conference lineup, you can still take part in the conference sessions and engage the discussants over the web.

You will be able to watch the conference sessions LIVE by clicking here to view the conference feed via Web Simulcast. You can even ask questions of the conference presenters and commentators — simply ask your questions in the Comment fields at the bottom of the appropriate Event pages. If the session Chair and Moderator deems the question appropriate, they will ask the question during the session’s Discussion. We encourage all of our virtual participants to ask questions early and often. On those same Event pages, click the photos or names of the Presenters, Chairs, or Commentators for their biographical information.

You can also find biographical information of the discussants, along with a complete conference schedule and additional information on the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study by flashclicking here for a 3D Flash version of the conference schedule.

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