ND Day

What is Notre Dame Day?

This iconic day of fundraising is a competition between clubs, dorms, and various student organizations to get the most votes and thus the largest portion of the $1 million fund. Before this all begins the ND Day Challenge Fund commits to $1,000,000, thanks to the contributions of Notre Dame benefactors. Then people can make a gift of $10 towards the areas of Notre Dame that they are most passionate about. With this $10 donation they receive the opportunity to cast five votes to distribute the Challenge Fund towards the clubs and organizations you wish to support. This all takes place during ND Day. After, the Challenge Fund is distributed based on the percentage of overall votes received.


Why support NDTTC?

As our first year as a club sport, NDTTC has enjoyed tremendous growth and success. We were able to travel to multiple tournaments during the fall and spring semesters, and grew to be a much larger group of students than in previous years. However, as a new club sport, we need your support to raise the funds necessary to continue. Please consider donating to this fun, competitive, and inclusive sports club!