Previous Studies

InvestigatorParticipants in VRParticipant PositionData Collection YearTitle
Rose and Villano (hosts)200Standing2019-2022Various demonstrations for individuals and entire classes such as the ND Law School Technology in the Courtroom Car accident simulation (20) and a large-scale demonstration of VR for Cognitive Psychology (>80)
Hubbard and Villano300Sitting2020-2021Virtual Boardroom
Villano and Rahill120Standing2020-2021Human-Robotics Interaction: Robot Proxemics
Radvansky15 (pilot)Standing2019Prospective Memory Shopping Mall Task
Hames, Rose, Villano40Standing2018-2019Acrophobia Study
Radvansky60Sitting2018Prospective Memory Multi-Room Learning II
Radvansky60Standing2017Prospective Memory Multi-Room Learning
Rose60Standing2017-2019Prospective Memory Breakfast Completion Task