Courses and Grades Data

At the end of the study in Spring 2019, all current and former NetHealth participants were asked via email if they would consent to have the Notre Dame Registrar supply us with a list of all courses that they took and the grade they received in the course.  The special consent form for this request and the data delivery protocol was approved by Notre Dame’s IRB. Two-hundred and twenty (220) students consented to allow the Registrar to supply us with this data.  

The data file contains this information for the 220 students.  Each record in the data set is a course taken (CRN) by a participant (egoid) in a particular semester (Academic Period).  There are 11070 participant-course-period records.   

Courses are identified by a Course Reference Number (CRN).  The data received from the Registrar contained the real 5-digit CRN that the university uses to uniquely identify a course in a given semester.  We hashed this code by substituting in another 5-digit number at random. The reported CRN has no meaning besides the fact that the exact same number indicates the same course, allowing  users to identify two participants who took the same class. Note the same CRN in different semesters does not indicate the same course taught in different semesters.  

Participants are identified by the unique case code we created for all individuals (see section Data Linkage and Identification).

The Academic Period specifies the semester in which the participant took the course, coded as YYYYSS, where YYYY is the first year in a two year academic period, and SS is the semester code with “10” for Fall, “20” for Spring, and “00” for Summer.  


    • 201810:   Fall semester of Academic Year  (AY) 2018-2019
    • 201820:  Spring semester of AY 2018-2019, i.e.  Spring of calendar year 2019
    • 201800: Summer semester of AY 2018-2019 which is Summer of calendar year 2018

There are some records for courses in years 2013, 2014, and 2015.  These are courses students took prior to arriving at Notre Dame for which they received credit.  There are also some records for AY 2019 which is after almost all of these students graduated. These are courses that students took over the summer (we received this data at the end of the summer) or were registered to take in the Fall.  

Note: the coding of CRNs in this administrative data is different from the coding of CRNs in the Basic Survey Data.  See Codebook for the Basic Surveys for details on the coding system used there.   

The grades for each course are reported as letter grades.  See Table 8: Notre Dame Grade System for detailed information on grades produced by the University of Notre Dame’s Registrar.