Lab Fun – A Random Collection of Fun Activities

Great visit with collaborators Sean Dorr (University of Minnesota) and Jeniffer LaCounte in early October 2023!
Lots of crocheting projects happening in the lab. It is fun to see what is being created!
Megan Vahsen’s hooding ceremony on May 20, 2023. Congratulations Dr. Vahsen!
Ian Shuman presenting his poster at the College of Science Joint Annual Meeting (COS-JAM) on May 4, 2023


Megan Vahsen’s Defense! February 24, 2023. Two cakes celebrating Megan’s great work on the blue genes experiment and marsh organs.
Helena Kleiner’s Defense! November 18, 2022. Two cakes celebrating Helena’s great work on the blue genes experiment (middle) and dealing marsh rice rats (right).
Ann Raiho

Other Fun Times

Playing SET (The Family Game of Visual Perception) in lab meeting! Camille Patton (left) was the expert that taught the rest of the group. Also pictured is Jody Peters (middle) and Santana Almeida (right).
In March 2023, Nate and Jason visited collaborators Antoinette Abeyta and Chad Smith at the University of New Mexico, Gallup and attended the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC). While they were there they also had some delicious (and spicy) mole.

The 2023 inter-lab Archie vs McLachlan bowling challenge was a tight contest for the median. The Archie lab (EAA) had a higher variance, with both the highest and lowest scores, and a very respectable median of 90. In the end, however, the McLachlan (JMc) lab squeaked out a first ever victory with a median of 91!

We got to meet in person with our collaborators Antoinette Abeyta from U of New Mexico, Gallup and Diana Dalbotten from U of Minnesota who came to ND to present as panelists at a conference hosted by ND Institute for Advance Study on Resilience.
Summer 2021 Marsh Experiment at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center led by Helena Kleiner with help from Camille Patton, Julia Jones, and Megan Vahsen