The tentative program, the conference time zone is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) in the USA.

7:45 AM – Welcome words
8:00 AM – Talk 1: Masamitsu Hoshino
8:30 AM – Talk 2: Petra Swiderek
9:00 AM – Talk 3: Zoltan Donko
9:30 AM – Talk 4: Luis Alves
10:00 AM – Talk 5: Leon Sanche
10-30 AM – Hot Topics: Suvasis Swain, Zdenek Masin, Pamir Nag, Jiri Trnka, Carlos Guerra
11:30 AM – Poster Session 1

7:00 AM- Poster session 2
8:00- Plenary talk: Marco Lima
9:00 AM – Talk 6: Fabris Kossoski
9:30 AM – Talk 7: Rina Kadokura
10:00 AM – Talk 8: Dragana Maric
10:30 AM – Talk 9: Chris Greene
11:00 AM – Hot Topics: Jelena Tamuliene, Joao Ameixa
11:30 AM – Closing remarks

Book of Abstracts:

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Confirmed speakers:

Plenary talk:

  • Marco A.P. Lima (University of Campinas, Brazil), Electronic excitation of molecules by electron impact: the experimental and theoretical situation

Invited talks:

  • Luis L. Alves (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Anisotropic scattering in rotational collisions of electrons with CO molecules
  • Zoltan Donko (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary), Electron transport investigations with a scanning drift tube
  • Chris H. Greene (Purdue University, USA), Recent progress in the frame transformation theory of dissociative recombination
  • Masamitsu Hoshino (Sophia University, Japan), Isotope effect observed in collision cross sections by low-energy electron impact
  • Rina Kadokura (University College London, UK), High angular resolution electron scattering from H2O near 0o
  • Fabris Kossoski (University of Toulouse,  France), On-the-fly nonadiabatic dynamics of electron-induced reactions
  • Dragana Maric (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia), Electrical breakdown in vapours of liquids
  • Leon Sanche (University of Sherbrooke, Canada), Role of low energy (0-20 eV) electrons in Radiobiology and Radiotherapy
  • Petra Swiderek (University of Bremen, Germany), Related role of low-energy electrons in novel metal oxocluster EUVL resists and FEBID precursors

Hot topic talks:

  • Joao Ameixa (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Porugal and Universität Innsbruck, Austria), Electron interactions with the coenzyme Q0: molecular anion observation and its subsequent fragmentation reactions
  • Carlos Guerra (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain), Total electron detachment cross section and induced cationic fragmentation in oxygen anion collision with benzene
  • Zdenek Masin (Charles University, Czech Republic), Dissociative σ* states in electron-molecule collisions and their interpretation
  • Pamir Nag (Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic), Effect of π*-σ* coupling on the angular distribution of Cl fragments produced via dissociative electron attachment to four unsaturated chlorohydrocarbons
  • Suvasis Swain (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India), Structure and dynamics of negative ion resonance in H2, D2 and HD at 10 eV
  • Jelena Tamuliene (Vilnius University, Lithunia), Fragmentation of tyrosine under low-energy electron impact
  • Jiri Trnka (Charles University, Czech Republic), Theoretical study of electron-impact vibrational excitation of isocyanic acid HNCO using two dimensional nonlocal models