The conference program is in progress.

Confirmed speakers:

Plenary talk:

  • Marco A.P. Lima (University of Campinas, Brazil), Electronic excitation of molecules by electron impact: the experimental and theoretical situation

Invited talks:

  • Luis L. Alves (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Anisotropic scattering in rotational collisions of electrons with CO molecules
  • Zoltan Donko (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary), Electron transport investigations with a scanning drift tube
  • Chris H. Greene (Purdue University, USA), Recent progress in the frame transformation theory of dissociative recombination
  • Masamitsu Hoshino (Sophia University, Japan), Isotope effect observed in collision cross sections by low-energy electron impact
  • Rina Kadokura (University College London, UK), TBD
  • Fabris Kossoski (University of Toulouse,  France), On-the-fly nonadiabatic dynamics of electron-induced reactions
  • Dragana Maric (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia), Electrical breakdown in vapours of liquids
  • Leon Sanche (University of Sherbrooke, Canada), Role of low energy (0-20 eV) electrons in Radiobiology and Radiotherapy
  • Petra Swiderek (University of Bremen, Germany), Related role of low-energy electrons in novel metal oxocluster EUVL resists and FEBID precursors