Against “Do the Laws of Science Support Biological Evolution?”

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This post speaks to the Theory of Evolution as a scientific discovery and to its concrete roots in mathematics and the scientific process. The greatest criticism that this post offers for the Theory of Evolution is the fact that is not reliable or replicable science at its core. The evidence provided against this is a long list of equations that can be found in Physics and Chemistry that demonstrate principles that unite all sorts of trends we have scientifically deduced throughout the course of human history.

My first comment on this post is that we can somewhat standardize our understanding of evolution so as to make it more mathematic (see this article for more information). This type of science has been used to determine when modern humans and chimps differentiated based on the evolution and mutation within the genomes of hair and body lice. This mutation, though it is random, can be interpreted and utilized to create accurate timelines.

My second concerns the last paragraph of the post, explaining that the Theory of Evolution cannot produce new information and therefore cannot account for the major changes predicted by evolutionary theory. Ironically, this is correct. Evolutionary theory is not a tool for understanding where humans, or any species, are going–it is merely something that occurs over time and is observable based on changes in populations. We can utilize evolutionary theory to better understand why humans are the way we are–the trait differences that have distinguished different members of a population from another and made some more fit than others. The reality is that this selection is still occurring, though evolutionary theory is still not a predictive tool.