“An Evolutionist’s Startling Admission”

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This short post details one doctor’s struggle with the realization that he had spent twenty years of his life dedicated to researching evolution and that he, after all that time, still felt like he knew almost nothing about evolution as a whole.

First off, it sounds to me that this individual was having a crisis of sorts regarding them self and their chosen field of study. I find it hard to imagine that after twenty years of study and vocation that this person could not name one thing about evolution. Even further, they go on to claim that not a single one of their colleagues could name something they knew about evolution. I cannot help but doubt this claim. There are an exceptional amount of details that we don’t know, but there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that details the history of our planet and the history of hominins upon it. All of this evidence has its place in the story of humanity and the story of evolution–but it can be difficult to see how it is all put together. I do not think the posts conclusion–that because these people could not name one thing about it, it should not be taught in high schools–was a valid one. We know more about genetics and biology than likely ever seemed possible for scientists living during the era of Darwin. I have extreme doubts about the accuracy of the given account in this post and especially disagree with the claimed conclusion that follows. I think that this post exists purely to attempt to plant a seed of doubt in the reader without any credible evidence that supports a “non-evolutionary” framework.