Watch the International Space Station at 6:30pm tonight

Via email from astronomer extraordinaire Chuck Bueter:

“Tonight is a good night to look up. The International Space Station zooms over Michiana from 6:34 p.m. to 6:39ish, southwest to northeast. You can’t miss it, so take a friend or family member outside with you.

Then the Geminid meteor shower happens late into the night and morning darkness. I’ve been watching some dazzling Geminds the past few nights. The weather forecast is favorable (again, in Michiana), and the moon is nearly new, so out of sight. For details see “Go Outside December 13-14” at ”

I’ll be watching:) ~ Tom

2 thoughts on “Watch the International Space Station at 6:30pm tonight

  1. Thanks, Tom. Doug and I caught the very bright light of the space station. It was neat how it lost the light of the sun before actually going beneath the horizon!