You’re invited

The Office of Mission Engagement and Church Affairs, in collaboration with faculty and deans from across the University of Notre Dame, is pleased to present the Sorin Seminar for Faculty.  The Sorin Seminar for Faculty is a colloquium for faculty to engage with different ideas relating to the Catholic mission of the university and learn more about the foundations of Notre Dame.  Through presentations with senior faculty members and panels featuring colleagues from across the university, seminar participants will have an opportunity to meet new people and discuss their own teaching, research, and service.

The goals of the Sorin Seminar for Faculty are to help faculty learn more about both the Holy Cross tradition at Notre Dame and about the Catholic intellectual tradition more broadly.  The seminar includes presentations and panels from various faculty members regarding different issues that are relevant to faculty from around the university including the history of the Congregation of Holy Cross, ecumenism and pluralism at Notre Dame, and the role of faculty in student formation.  The Sorin Seminar for Faculty invites faculty members to think more deeply about the Catholic mission of Notre Dame and introduces them to new colleagues with whom they can explore these topics.  Both Catholic and non-Catholic faculty are very welcome to participate in the seminar.  There is no prior knowledge required.